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One World Horn, a Non-Profit Organization run by members of The Philadelphia Orchestra horn section, is a program that offers free Zoom lessons with American pedagogues to students all over the world!


One World Horn is now in its fourth season. It has provided lessons, master classes, recital opportunities, and career assistance to twenty-five young horn players from Mexico, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, and the United States. Ernie Tovar and I began this program out of gratitude to the many teachers and mentors who helped us. One World Horn is an attempt to share the high level of education we feel grateful to have received with serious, young international musicians.

How You Can Help?

If you are a professional horn player willing to teach one or two lessons a year to promising young musicians for free or at a reduced rate, we would be so grateful for your help! Please email me, and we can talk details. Thank you! (students ages 17-40)

Young professionals who would like more experience with teaching: we'd love to have you work with students in our junior division! (students ages 10-16)

If you'd like to support our non-profit, we have a tax ID number and can provide receipts for tax deductions. We also periodically support our students in reaching their professional goals by setting up GoFundMe pages on Facebook. We're thankful for your help in encouraging these talented, driven new colleagues!

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