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Principal Horn of The Philadelphia Orchestra and teaches at the Curtis Institute of Music and the Juilliard School...              





Jennifer Montone: On the Unspoken Mental and Emotional Aspects of Being a Musician

by Noa Kageyama, Ph.D.


Jennifer Montone, horn

JANUARY 10, 2021


Mar 10, 2019

Jen Montone - Live on Sarah's Horn Hangouts

Jen Montone – Toolbox, Tone and Teaching

Featuring the Curtis Horns

Recorded live at the Curtis Institute of Music on Feb.10th, 2019


Jennifer Montone:

Mindfulness and Commitment Drive Success


Practice Tips

How to practice best? Oof! One of the hardest questions out there, and there are so many good approaches. I love the concept of taking all imput and making it our own... here are a few more tips to add to your list!

Preformance Success

Performing our best is our goal, but it's sometimes hard to get there! There are many books and websites on this topic, plus mediation, yoga, and visualization... here are some resources that have made a difference for me! 

Healthy Habits

From prevention to injury recovery, the mental and physical health of musicians is incredibly important! Lets share our experiences and resources, and see if we can all be healthier for long, happy lives in music! Read more here.


I Teach

I feel incredibly lucky to get to teach at The Curtis Institute of Music and The Juilliard School. I also love teaching a bit on the side... I don't have a regular private studio, but please contact me if you would like a lesson sometime!

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