Healthy Habits and Injuries


What kind of bodywork practitioners can help me be a healthier player and more relaxed and mindful performer? Every area has great practitioners... My favorite kinds are:

  • Massage (deep tissue and Thai massage)
  • Alexander Technique
  • Rolfing
  • Feldenkreis
  • Physical Therapy (if you have any pain)
  • Cranial sacral chiropractor
  • Acupuncture (make sure it's a good one!)

Some of my favorite resources include:

Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Lederman helped me in my recovery from two different injuries that affected my playing fo many months.

Clinics for Performers
A comprehensive list of performing arts clinics in the USA.

Lip Service: Rehabilitation for the Injured Embouchure
Dr Vanderkolk and his colleagues have treated both colleagues and students of mine for lip injuries.

Dystonia Doctors and Mentors
Invaluable list of resources. Specifically, Jan Kagarice and Dr. Stephen Frucht have helped students and colleagues of mine immensely.

Chop Concerns Part 1: General, Mild, Overuse, and Healthy Practice Tips

Chop Concerns Part 2: Serious Issues and How to Address Them

Below are additional options physical therapy and other medical and bodywork sources for Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore.

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